NuForce Icon HDP USB DAC



The Icon and Icon HDP are the same form factor, which is a tiny 1" x 6" x 4.5" package that can sit horizontally or vertically. The front panel is nice and clean with a 6.3mm headphone jack, a volume control, an input selector, and a light to indicate if power is on. The rear contains a USB port, Analog RCA inputs, a Coaxial digital input, a combination 3.5mm analog/mini Toslink input, and stereo RCA outputs. The RCA outputs are nice, high quality gold-plated connectors, and the inputs are also gold-plated. The volume control on the front also functions as the on/off switch when turned all the way to the left, and the full size headphone jack is very nice as the HDP is more likely to be used with desktop headphones with the full size jack, and a 3.5mm jack would have lots of strain from an adapter most likely. Overall, it's a very nice, compact DAC that I typically used in the vertical orientation so it took up very little space on my desk.