HD Micromega AirStream Wireless DAC



The Micromega Airstream is merely a frontend digital music "transporter." It still requires the use of an iTunes enabled computer (PC or Mac) with a network connection. The Airstream connects via a wi-fi network to your computer and iTunes takes care of the rest.

I hooked up the Micromega via a pair of Straight Wire interconnects to my Marantz SR7001, which I use as my pre-amp/processor. Plugged the unit into my surge protector and was done.

Out of the box, the Airstream is configured as its own wi-fi network. So if you have a laptop with built in wi-fi, setting up the Airstream is as easy as choosing it as your network. After you have selected the Airstream as your network, open iTunes and choose the Airstream as the output device. You're done! I think I was able to have it up and running in about 5 minutes? AND that is including Window's boot time.

For my own setup, however, I wanted the Airstream to connect to my existing wireless network. I have a wired desktop PC which has all of my music on it and that is what I wanted the Airstream to have access to. Getting the Airstream to connect to my wireless network took a few more steps, but I found it very straightforward and simple. Just download the Apple AirPort Utility and press the small reset button on the back of the Airstream. Then using the AirPort Utility, just enter in your network SSID and password, hit save and you are done.

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, make sure you download the free Remote App that connects to your iTunes library. Then grab your beverage of choice, plop yourself down in your listening room and have your entire music collection accessible in the palm of your hand.