Cambridge Audio DacMagic


The Sound

I played music from my media server downstairs to the Squeezebox Duet, and the Toslink digital output of the Squeezebox to the Toslink digital input 1 on the DacMagic. I used the XLR outputs from the DacMagic connected to a BAT VK-5i preamplifier, then to a BAT VK-75SE power amplifier. Speakers were Magneplanar and cables were Nordost.

Immediately I noticed - in comparison to the Squeezebox's DAC - an improved clarity in the detail. Instruments were more delineated, and therefore, more easily identifiable in their soundstage location.

Leading edge transients, such as the pluck of a lute or classical guitar, were cleaner as well. Midrange congestion, which was not bad on the Squeezebox, was reduced using the DacMagic.

I did not notice any change in the overall response either at the low end (deep bass) or high end (violins playing in upper registers).

I could not really tell any difference between the three filter choices. They all sounded great to me.