Bryston BDA-1 Digital to Analog Converter and Halide Design USB to SPDIF Bridge



The combination of the Bryston BDA-1 and the Halide Audio USB to SPDIF bridge is something very special. It was good enough that I replaced a DAC I had loved for almost 10 years. They made everything sound better, across the board, and did so with enormous flexibility and at a reasonable cost. I can't recommend the BDA-1 more highly for anyone who wants the highest performing DAC they can get without paying a huge amount of money. The measured performance is impeccable. If you also use a computer as a source and want to connect a DAC via USB, the Halide Bridge is a no brainer. It is the right way to do the job. Pretty much everything else (excepting Wavelength's more expensive 192 kHz bridge) is the wrong way. There was absolutely no question I would buy both at the end of the review period, and that's what I did.