Benchmark ADC1 USB Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)



At first glance the user interface of the ADC1 is a little intimidating. Get over it, it's actually quite easy. I had an early version of the user manual which led one to believe that the arrays of LED's and switches were used to set the sample rate for the recording. Actually they only set output rates. The ADC1 has two S/PDIF digital outputs (for monitoring or what have you). The USB output, from whence the recoding is made has its sample rate set by the computer and your recording software. So for my purposes I never had to worry about any of the controls except the analog gain. I messed with them anyway and I have to say that all the controls feel as though they were made to last. The knobs to control the analog gain feel very solid and have 41 détente's (you know, positions they click into) so that you can feel assured that you have the two channels set to the same gain. One thing I would add is an on/off switch. As I said the ADC1 gets plenty warm and I don't need to see the level meters operating when I'm not using it. Another nifty enhancement would be to have the USB function in the other direction so that I could play my recordings back and use the digital outs from the ADC1 during playback.