Center Channel Speakers

ZVOX Zbase 555 Speaker System to Place Under Your Flat Panel HDTV Pedestal


Conclusions About the Zbase 555

Not everyone can be expected to have a big home theater system. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of solid choices out there. HTIB often give inferior sound and have a gaggle of wires to run. The Zbase 555 offers many pluses: The system is very easy to set up, looks stylish, has multiple in puts for both digital and analog, has a very effective dialog enhancement, provides spacious sound for both movies and music. It makes a great, stable base for your new TV. The supplied remote is functional, easy to use and the basic commands can be transferred to your current remote. You have the option to add a sub, though the 555 has plenty of punch on its own merit. It has built in digital amplification and sounds light years better than the built in TV speakers. It can be used as a music system in the home or office and provides a good "bang for the buck" value.

The minuses are few. It will not replace a decent home theater 5.1 sound system. Stereo separation and surround effects require you to sit more directly in front of the unit then a traditional speaker system. Still, its compact size and great sound makes this a good choice for those that don't want to mess with a complicated home theater setup or have limited space. It's simple to setup and use, inexpensive and sounds great. What's not to like?

Just don't call it a "sound bar".

Since the ZVOX headquarters was just one town over from where I work, I stopped by and had a nice conversation with the product designer. I'm throwing in a few pictures of the drivers that are normally sealed behind a metal grille for your viewing pleasure. I would like to thank Fred for allowing me to be one of their first visitors to their new "showroom".

Here is a close-up look at the Zbase 580 drivers as seen at the ZVOX headquarters. (Notice the phase plugs):

And finally, a close-up of the 2 inch long throw Zbase 555 drivers: