Center Channel Speakers

MartinLogan Stage X Electrostatic Hybrid Center Channel Speaker



Being a huge fan of electrostatic speakers, I have always been worried about dealing with the center channel, because there weren't any electrostatic center channel speakers available that covered the high frequencies as well as the midrange. I didn't have the opportunity to test the original Stage version of this speaker, but I can say that the Stage X is one superb-sounding center channel, with everything above 450 Hz being covered by flat panel speaker technology. Having the ESL portion in the midrange is a definite plus, as this is the most important region of the audible spectrum.

If you are a flat panel speaker aficionado, or even if you are not, but you sit off to the side of the sweet spot with cone speakers and don't like the sound fall-off, you definitely should audition this marvelous center channel speaker.