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NAD C565BEE CD Player


In Use

Frankly, even if the C565BEE didn't have SCR, the sound was pretty darn good. The fact that it allows you to experiment with the analog filters and the upsampling sets this player apart from most other players on the market. Add to it the optical input and that your MP3 collection can now be linked into you home system to take advantage of all of this is truly remarkable. There is no need for a docking station. My son plugged in his IPod (yeah, like I would listen to MP3s?) and gave the C565BEE a mini workout.

From the remote, he hit the USB button, the player displayed READING and track one began to play. From the remote, he hit 8-9, and the player immediately began playing track 89. When he hit the display button, the title and artist were displayed. Very cool! How did the MP3s sound when upconverted? I could not tell you for sure because it sounded like the lead singer was very angry and his screaming left him hoarse. My son said it sounded "wicked awesome" to him. Go figure. I must be getting old!

When you turn the player on/off, it emits a subtle "click" sound, which reminded me of an amplifier when it powers up. From power on to tray opening was a zippy four seconds. The display can be dimmed or turned off from the remote. The knob was nice, but as like most of us, I operated the unit almost exclusively by remote from my comfortable chair. Hey, that's why they make remotes, right? The remote was well laid out and felt comfortable in my hand. It was a real boon to be able to toggle through the SRC and filters without having to get up all of the time. This allowed for some practical listening comparisons. I listened to soft, delicate choral music (Anonymous 4) to "old school" rock-n-roll (The Who) and everything I played sound very good on the C565BEE.