CD Players

NAD C565BEE CD Player


Design and Build Quality

The C565BEE is at the top of the line in the Classic Series, which places it just below their Masters Series M5 player. Dollar wise, it costs about half as much as the M5 but sacrifices little in performance (sort of like champagne at chardonnay prices). It has clean, refined cosmetics and a solid, well-constructed feel. It is lead free and "green" by design. The most noticeable feature on the front panel is a control knob that allows you to skip forward or backward to tracks on a disc.

When you load a disc, pushing the knob closes the disc tray and starts disc playback. Also on the front is a USB port that allows you to play a MP3 device through the player and take advantage of the C565BEE DACs and SRC (sample rate converter). The SRC can upsample any source, like a CD at 44.1 kHz, and convert it to a 96 kHz or 192 kHz sample rate.

The back of the player has a optical input which allows you to take any device with an optical out (minidisc or perhaps another CD player with lesser quality DACs) and have the C565BEE upsample them, too. If you chose to use the analog outs on this player, the C565BEE gives you five different analog filters to select, each with a different characteristic.

I will not elucidate on the filters, but the description for Filter 1 is as follows: slow rolloff with group delay, low ripple and wide stopband characteristics. Each filter can be selected on the fly with the remote or by a button on the front panel. The SRC can also be done the same way with "off", 96 kHz, and 192 kHz done by the remote or front panel. There is an approximately two second delay as the new sample rate kicks in. When playing a USB device, the music files can be shown on the display by track number, time, artist name, track title and any information in the file.

The same applies to CDs. I had one CD that gave the title, composer, orchestra performing, conductor and soloist. This info continues to scroll on the screen until you change it back to time or track number. The knob allows for some quick moving through the MP3 files, which can be accessed by the remote as well.

The remote is nicely designed and allows you to select from three different sources (CD, Optical and USB) The tray had a nice solid feel to it and opens about ¾ of the way, so placing a disc on it requires you to slip it in under the front edge of the player.

Out puts are lineout (RCA), one coaxial and one optical (toslink). A RS232 input and 12v trigger are also located on the back. Under the player's hood are the Wolfson Microelectronics 24/192 DACs in dual differential configuration, combined with a toroidal power transformer and high quality op amps. This player is designed to perform!