CD Players

Cambridge Audio 840 Series CD Player, Stereo Preamplifier, and Stereo Power Amplifier



Well, I hate appearing to be a sycophant to Cambridge Audio and/or the many reviewers who have evaluated these products previously, but I'm left with little choice. So here goes………….more of the same.  One can hardly overstate what Cambridge Audio has accomplished with their recent 840 series.  Tremendous value, tremendous flexibility, tremendous sound!  I think if these components were suddenly doubled in price, they would be immediately be embraced by the upper crust of high end audio snobs.  The CD player opened a new window on many recordings that I felt I was completely familiar with. The 840E/840W pre-power combination provides an embarrassment of riches with respect to features and flexibility and it does so without gimmickry or garishness.  These components provide superb value at their price points.  Most importantly, they will move you up very high on the stairway to audiophile heaven without requiring a second mortgage.  My nit-picks are so small, they seem meaningless and don't even warrant mention.  These components merit your serious consideration if you're climbing the high-end ladder as you'll ascend remarkably high for a very reasonable price.  It's easy to recommend any, better yet, all of the 840 series components wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. The CD player is now on my "must-have" list and I'm seriously scheming on how to delay home renovations for an 840E/840W acquisition. This is a sincere audio company that's doing just about everything right to bring high-end sound to the masses.