Bookshelf Speakers

Zikmu Wireless Speakers



I would say for sure that the Zikmus are not for head bangers due to their limited power rating. They had other limitations like a diminutive musical image and highs that started to roll off at about 15 kHz. They also have a unique industrial design that would appeal to many but would be of little interest to many others. Finally, they are not cheap at $1,600 a pair. You could get a nice integrated amp, docking station and speakers for less than that.

On the plus side, their sound had a respectable amount of inner detail with decent front to back layering and a certain delicacy. Their bipolar design works well to fill all kinds of spaces with music. The Zikmus also have nimble bass with excellent pitch definition. Their sound could be downright beguiling at times. The Zikmus' concept and implementation are good and their web interface is very slick. They are almost "plug and play" which may be the most I can say about a lot of other devices that claim they to be "plug and play". So for those of you with a casual lifestyle, a digital music library and the right décor, I recommend you check out the Zikmus before making a buying decision. They may just be your cup of tea.