Bookshelf Speakers

Vanatoo Transparent One Active (Powered) Bookshelf Speakers


Setup of the Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers

I placed the Transparent One’s on my BDI Mirage TV stand on either side of my Usher Center Channel. Gary and Rick indicated that optimal would place the users ears slightly above the tweeter, so the stand worked perfectly. I would have hoped that the speakers would have had some rubber feet – unfortunately my unit did not have any feet installed to protect the furniture so I placed down some sorbothane pads to protect the stand. These might have been missing from my review pair.

A speaker wire is included to run between the powered speaker and its brother – which I ran inconspicuously behind my center channel. From there all that was left was some source music. Gary and Rick included an Apple AirPlay unit for me to play with – this plugged conveniently into the back of the Transparent One’s power source. I also tested a Logitech Squeezebox. As the instructions suggest, I used some streaming audio from my favorite internet radio station (wMVY from Martha’s Vineyard) to set the volume on the back of the powered speaker. From there I was ready to start listening.