Bookshelf Speakers

Update: PSB Alpha PS1 Bookshelf Speakers


Conclusions about the PSB Alpha PS1 Speakers

The Alpha PS1s face some pretty stiff competition in the marketplace. They are competing head to head with a lot of other manufacturers' offerings in the desktop speaker category. And it is a growing category with more and more product announcements each week. Some of the other speakers out there have specs and features that might lead you to believe they are "better" than the PS1s.

I say don't be fooled by the hype. PSB's Alpha PS1s have tuneful bass, tangible mids and a sweet, airy treble. They are conservatively rated: their performance goes beyond the power and bass extension ratings. They also have an uncanny imaging quality that lends itself to desktop listening in the nearfield. On the test bench, these little speakers measured very low levels of THD particularly when you consider their diminutive size.

All this equates to the PS1s' musicality which is the most important achievement of all. That you can have all this for $299 is the proverbial icing on the cake. So these speakers get my highest recommendation. I just want to urge PSB to develop a new version that will accept digital signals thus eliminating one conversion in the reproduction chain. That would be even more awesome. Go to Page 6: Update