Bookshelf Speakers

Pioneer S-2EX Monitor-sized Speakers



Even though I recently bought a pair of towers, I kept my old speaker stands. I figured that eventually I would be listening to some bookshelf or monitor speakers and it gave me a chance to justify keeping them. I placed the S-2EXs 8 feet apart, 3 feet off the side walls and toed in slightly. Because of the coaxial design, they provided a larger sweet spot than a more traditional tweeter/midrange configuration. My seating position is 8 feet from the speakers. My listening was in 2 channel (music) and multi channel (music and movies) with my existing Revel C12 center and S12 surrounds. The S-2EXs played very well with the Revels. I also listened with and without my subs to evaluate the bass extension of the S-2EXs. Though the S-2EXs look like large bookshelf speakers, they are full range speakers and they performed very well without the addition of a subwoofer.