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Paradigm Signature Designer Series In-Wall Speakers


The Paradigm Signature In-Wall Speakers In Use

I installed the in-ceilings first and ran those as the main surrounds for a few days until I had time to install the ADP's. Listening to the new multi-channel SACD of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here I was immediately engrossed in the mix. If these two Signature in-ceilings were the only thing I was going to use for surround, I could have lived happily with that. Music and sounds came from all directions and at times it felt like my room was twice as big. There were some analog synth sounds that emanated from the rear left that startled me in a good way. The Paradigm's melted away into the walls, as if there were no speakers there at all.

Saving Private Ryan starts out with an assault on the senses with the invasion of Normandy. Bullets whiz by with ferocity from all angles. The full range of the ADP's was truly appreciated here as I could feel explosions around me. The idea that surrounds only need to reproduce midrange and treble is complete hogwash. DTS-HD Master Audio allows for full range signals on all channels and there is plenty of sound information that could be lost with small surround speakers, and it frees up your subwoofers to handle only the LFE track.

I really cannot say enough about how impressive the audio engineering is on the Tron Legacy Blu-ray. It features a DTS-HD MA 7.1 track that blows away 99% of all other soundtracks. It's loud, aggressive, and full of sonic movement. I was worried going to 7 channels would be a waste of time and the benefit over 5 would be marginal at best. Well I can now through that thought away because I wish every soundtrack was mixed for 7.1. Having the Paradigm Signatures in my ceiling and walls truly took my home theater to the next level. I have no clue how I lived with my home theater prior to these speakers being installed.

Hugo was another 7.1 mix that I got to enjoy. The ticks and tocks of all the gears and cogs added a lot of depth to the 2D image of the version I was watching. Even thought my fronts are made from a different manufacturer, the sound blended quite well with the Paradigm's, creating a fairly seamless sound field.