Bookshelf Speakers

Paradigm Shift A2 Powered Bookshelf Speakers


Conclusions About the Paradigm Shift A2 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Reinforced by the fact that these fall under a new brand, the A2 was created with a different and new focus for Paradigm: "Fun". There are plenty of situations where good sound may be appreciated but where there is no need to go for broke and simplicity takes a front seat. Even we eccentric audiophiles aren't always listening for whether the flute player has changed chewing gum flavors between the symphony's 2nd and 3rd movement. $559 for a pair of powered speakers may strike those new to hifi as a little steep but considering a pair of passive Atoms will run you $399, the "amp" portion here is only about $160. While they are not likely to supplant entrenched passives in any high performance setups, as a powered speaker for an MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet, the A2 makes for a fantastic "bookshelf" system. They also would make a very decent upgrade to a TV's built in sound and do so without adding another box to the equipment stack (or remote to the side table). And as far as PC speakers go, I couldn't ask for a better outfit.