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Paradigm Shift A2 Powered Bookshelf Speakers


Introduction to the Paradigm Shift A2 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

The Active Atom, or A2 to be hip, is part of a new sub-brand dubbed Paradigm Shift. Back in 1997 Paradigm had a line of powered speakers derived from their then recently launched Reference brand but despite being in the opinion of many, myself included, some of the best speakers period, they didn't sell well, mainly due to a persistent (and utterly incorrect) notion held by most audiophiles that properly designed and executed powered speakers can't possibly be as good or better than ones accompanied by giant boxes. I mention this at the onset only because when Paradigm announced a new powered speaker earlier this year many, again myself included, hoped it would be the second coming of the Active Studios. It isn't. Wait, don't hit the back button in your browser just yet. They may not be Active Studio/20s, but they don't cost $2000 a pair either. I've been bugging Paradigm nonstop for 10 years to make something like this: a set of small, powered speakers, something I could use at the PC.


  • Design: Bookshelf Speaker, Sealed Enclosure, Powered
  • Drivers: One 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter, One 5.5" Aluminum Cone Woofer
  • MFR: 55 Hz – 20 kHz (± 2 dB)
  • Amplifier Power: 2 x 50 Watts RMS, 2 x 80 Watts Peak
  • Dimensions: 11" H x 6.6" W x 8.9" D
  • Weight: 11.6 Pounds/each
  • MSRP: $600/pair in Black Ash, $700/pair in Red Gloss, White Gloss, Gray Gloss, or Black Satin
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