Bookshelf Speakers

GoldenEar Technology Aon2 Bookshelf Speakers


Design and Setup of the GoldenEar Technology Aon2 Bookshelf Speakers

The Aon2 is a nice looking, though slightly odd-shaped, bookshelf speaker. Inside the speaker features a High Velocity, Folded Ribbon tweeter, a 6" bass/midrange driver and dual 6.5", side mounted passive radiators. Despite the small size and small bass driver, the Aon2 still claims response down to 42 Hz, which I measured in my room as well. The top of the speaker is a glossy plastic that you can pop off if you wish to remove the grill cloth, or to install the wall mount.

The heart of all GoldenEar products is the High Velocity, Folded Ribbon tweeter. It might look small, but inside it looks more like an accordion than a traditional dome or ribbon tweeter. Unlike those that move air by pushing it with the surface, the folded ribbon squeezes out the air, which it can do more efficiently for its surface area than traditional drivers can. This gives you much of the speed and transparency of a ribbon tweeter, without the need for it to be massive in size.

Inputs are a simple set of gold-plated binding posts on the rear. With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and 89db sensitivity, the Aon2 should be a pretty easy speaker to drive to reasonable listening levels in your room. There are some small feet on the bottom of the speaker to provide a bit of isolation from a shelf, though you're still going to get the best sound from a dedicated stand.