Bookshelf Speakers

Axiom M3 v3 Bookshelf Speakers



I'll dispense with my usual penchant for lengthy descriptions of the packaging and un-boxing process and simply state my test units arrived unharmed and in good condition. Since Axiom ships every unit directly to a customer with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee you've got to figure they've got this part down pat by now. I will say the manual is more complete than usual and thankfully dispenses with the trend towards multi-language ikea-esque info-diagrammatics. The manual covers placement, speaker components, cabling, connection to the amp and detailed connection info for bare wire, spades or banana plugs. This is a nice touch for the newbie as is the included mini wrench for tightening the down the binding posts.

With a single pair of five-way binding posts for each speaker there is no bi-wire / bi-amping option available. The speaker rests on 4 small rubber feet although a 16" or 24" stand (full metal stand….) is also available. I would advise slightly larger pads for these speakers if placing them on a shelf or tabletop to cut down on any transmitted vibrations and to protect both surfaces. Setting them up at ear level and playing around with various toe in angles I found they were most comfortable for me with a mid level (call it about 10 degrees) of toe in for stereo and with no toe in for home theatre.

The speakers were connected to a via 10 gauge Belden 5T00UP cables to my Anthem amp and all source material was driven by an OPPO BDP-93 or via balanced connections from my HTPC sound card. All listening was done in a "direct stereo" mode with the receiver's equalization and sound processing turned off or directly from the HTPC via the amp.