Bookshelf Speakers

Axiom Audio M22 V3 Bookshelf Speakers for the Audiophile



After listening to the M22s for two months and playing countless tracks through them I have almost nothing negative to say about their sound. When paired with a good subwoofer, the M22s serve up a highly detailed, neutral, and well-balanced sound. This neutrality and accuracy can be double-edged sword though. If a recording is bright, the M22s flat mid-range and treble response will certainly do little to smooth things out. On the flip side, exceptional recordings and high-resolution sources will only sound better on such an accurate speaker. It has been a long time since I have had a sub-$1,000 per pair set of speakers in my home, let alone sub-$500 per pair ones, but I was incredibly impressed with the capabilities of the M22. I continuously found myself comparing the M22s to speakers that cost far more than the M22s base of $488. When someone asks me for a recommendation for a great sounding speaker that won't break the bank, I now have another manufacturer to point them towards with confidence: Axiom Audio. If you're on the fence about a speaker like the M22, take advantage of Axiom's 30-day in-home trial period. I doubt you'll want to send these fine speakers back.