Bookshelf Speakers

Zu Audio Druid Mk 4/08 Speakers


Conclusions About the Zu Audio Druid Speakers

If you don't crave that bottom octave, I can't think of a better way to spend $3400 on a full range loudspeaker. Your money buys you a spectacularly well-finished loudspeaker made entirely in the USA, with custom, in-house manufactured drivers. The realism of the musical event these speakers can deliver is unmatched by anything I have ever heard, and that can be directly connected to the very high sensitivity and dynamic range of the Druids. As we all well know, bass is expensive. Zu will happily sell you a speaker that delivers that last octave without sacrificing any of the Druid's magic, but the price of admission is more than double that of the Druid. In the end, I liked my Gallos wider soundstage and low range extension and power too much to give them up. Now maybe if Zu offers a pair of Presence or Definitions to review ($8000 and $11000 respectively), things might be different. However, this is a decision mainly based on my love of electronica. If my musical tastes did not include this genre, I guarantee my decision would have been different.