Blu-ray Players

Vizio VBR231 Blu-ray Player with Wireless Internet Apps


On The Bench

The Vizio is one of the first players to be subject to our new HDMI bench tests as well as our standard suite of DVD and Blu-ray benchmarks. The Vizio only outputs in the 4:4:4 colorspace, but it has no errors present in that data. If your display supports 4:4:4 properly and all devices between the Vizio and your display (receiver, processor, HDMI switch, etc.) support 4:4:4 correctly, then you should be fine with this.

Overall on the Bench Test the Vizio did pretty well, and over component video is did remarkably well with the resolution on some of the wedge patterns. With the PF Alt wedge pattern it was often too slow to lock on which caused it to fail. Similarly with the Super Speedway clip it would be slow to lock, or lose the lock for a fraction of a second, also causing a fail. With the Mixed Wedge over HDMI, when dropping into video mode from film, it would remain stuck in film deinterlacing mode for a bit causing combing of text that shouldn’t happen.

On the HD tests, the 1080i to 1080p conversion with the wedges failed as there was some detail enhancement going on that caused visual artifacts in the wedge patterns that shouldn’t have been there, and was not able to be defeated by the end user. It also failed on noise reduction, as there was no control for it and it seemed to do no reduction of either mosquito noise or block video noise. There is no video frequency response graph because of the lack of 1080i output for DVD video.