Blu-ray Players

Toshiba BDX3000 Blu-ray 3D Player



My overall experience with the BDX3000 was a good one. Blu-ray video and audio performance was on par with every other player I’ve tested. DVD up-conversion was better than average at this price point and music playback over the TOSLink connection was decent. The only real flaw was poor ergonomics. Scrolling through menus was just too labor-intensive when the player couldn’t keep up with the remote. I also didn’t like the lack of traditional buttons on the front panel. I’ve seen several components from different companies with touch-sensitive controls and I don’t like any of them. Please give us real buttons!

The Internet apps are somewhat crude and sluggish but it’s hard to find too much fault since Toshiba includes WiFi. Adding 3D to the mix at least will make you ready for the future if 3D is indeed it. It’s hard to say what will happen until more content is made available but if you want 3D now, a player like the BDX3000 is a necessity. As a convergence component, it competes favorably with similar offerings from other companies. The Internet thing is still new to consumer electronics and I haven’t seen any products really stand out yet. Compared to a more refined device like the Apple TV, these players have a little work to do yet.

At $279, the BDX-3000 is at the upper end of Blu-ray player prices but it offers everything the competition does at that level. With solid audio and video performance, you won’t regret adding this player to your system. Recommended.