Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-S580 3D Blu-ray Player



Overall, the Sony BDP-S580 was definitely a disappointment. From the get-go, it’s slim construction and poorly designed buttons gave the unit a cheap feel. Then to find out that this newer model was actually slower than the S570 and did not include any built in memory was definitely not heading in the right direction. The Sony is a good player for an average consumer, but a bad one if you are a videophile, or plan on calibrating your display based on images sent from the S580. Due to its poor color conversion, and incorrect Luma output, it is impossible to ever get a correctly calibrated display when using the S580 as a source. Even though the S570 suffers from similar color and Luma issues, it is still a better buy than the S580, that is, if you absolutely must have a Sony.