Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-S580 3D Blu-ray Player


On the Bench

The Sony S580 fared quite well in our deinterlacing tests, passing all of our film, video and chroma tests with excellent picture quality. Even though the S580 offers video noise adjustments, including block and mosquito, the quality of those implementations was not good enough to warrant a pass.

With our new HDMI benchmark tests, the Sony had some serious issues. We found that the S580 was adjusting the Luma value by a perceptible amount in the 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 color spaces. It is unclear whether Sony engineers are doing this on purpose or if it is a bug, but considering Blu-ray stores Luma data uncompressed, there is zero excuse for this. White values have essentially been shifted down, so a bright white value of 235 has been adjusted down to 224, causing it to appear closer to a light grey than peak white. This adjusting results in a smaller dynamic range which can be seen as banding on a gradient test pattern. We also found a problem with Green when looking at the RGB Values. Green had an average dE of 4.7, which is way beyond the acceptable (below 1.5) visible limits of color error. Even though the Sony has a menu option for selecting a color conversion of RGB, 4:4:4, or 4:2:2, these errors were present on ALL options. There was no way of bypassing these issues.

We happened to have the S570 with us as well and ran the tests on that model as well. Although the results were poor, they were not quite as bad as the S580.