Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-S570 Universal Blu-ray Player



So we return to the original question of whether this player deservedly commands a marginal premium for its feature set. I say the answer is a resounding YES. For the price, you get a quick, high-quality, Blu-ray player that has excellent deinterlacing performance and also has a huge amount of additional features. There is something here for everyone, whether you are a Netflix subscriber, a Slacker Personal Radio user, or even someone who just wants a player for Blu-ray disc playback and/or standard DVD playback.

Even more importantly, this player was just fun to use. How many products do I actually come away from saying that? Even some of the best performing gear I have reviewed hasn’t actually been enjoyable to use. That is not the case here. And, with the addition of DLNA support and 3D Blu-ray playback from the recent firmware update, BDP-S570 owners will basically be getting an upgraded player for no additional charge. Now if that doesn’t make the player worth the price, I don’t know what would.