Blu-ray Players

Sony BDP-N460 Networked Blu-ray Player



Overall, the Sony BDP-N460 is a very solid entry- to mid-level blu-ray player. It is quick and responsive, has very respectable video performance, and comes with some nice bonus features like Netflix, Amazon VOD, and loads of free Internet video content. As a multimedia device, however, it falls short of my expectations. Even if one accepts its limited list of codecs and containers that it will play (no DivX, no mkv, not even mov or the venerable avi file), I just don't see why Sony would not include some basic LAN access functionality, if only for JPEGs and MP3s. At a minimum, they should allow supported file types to be played from all supported media (e.g. MP3 & AVCHD from a USB thumb drive). Given the new SRP of $199 however, some of my expectations may be a little high. At this price, and with its very good core Blu-Ray performance alone, the n460 is a good buy; and the bonus internet-streaming features make it an even better buy. Just don’t expect it to play nice with your myriad collection of multimedia files.