Blu-ray Players

Pioneer BDP-62FD Universal Blu-ray Player


Conclusion about the Pioneer BDP-62FD Blu-Ray Player

As I mentioned in the opening, Pioneer continues to move forward on their Blu-ray players, but each year seems to come up with an issue that causes me reservations about them. This year they have produced the fastest Blu-ray player I've tested so far, and one that completes most of our testing quite easily. However, it comes up short in the amount of online content it offers, a lack of WiFi, and a serious issue in the lack of chroma resolution in testing. While most people, including myself, likely will never notice the chroma issue in actual playback, and mere presence of the issue is something we shouldn't see in a Blu-ray player today, and in fact that I've only seen in one other player ever.

The tricky part with the BDP-62FD is the value proposition that it offers. For $200 less you have the Sony BDP-S790 that is almost as fast, offers far more online streaming content, better noise reduction and DVD scaling, integrated Wi-Fi, and analog outputs. The only feature it is really lacking is DVD-Audio support, but for most users that difference isn't worth $200. If you need DVD-Audio support, you can step up to the Oppo BDP-103 for $100 more, which includes a Wi-Fi adapter that offsets the cost benefit of the BDP-62FD, as well as analog outputs, no chroma issue, and even better video processing.

In the end, the Pioneer BDP-62FD is possibly the best Pioneer player I have used to this point, but that unfortunately doesn't really give it a good position in the marketplace. I feel I find myself writing this every year, but hopefully next year Pioneer can fix the small issues that plague their current Blu-ray players and offer one that fills a good niche in the marketplace, but right now the BDP-62FD seems to have trouble finding that necessary balance.