Blu-ray Players

Pioneer BDP-43FD Blu-ray Player



The Pioneer player has improved a lot from their past players in many regards. Boot up and playback times are quicker than before, and the quality of the Netflix streaming was one of the best I have seen. However, the picture quality itself has some issues with their support for the 4:4:4 colorspace only, but far more troublesome is the edge enhancement that Pioneer has seemingly enabled that I was unable to defeat. Since the Elite line from Pioneer is typically meant for higher end setups, which usually include a front projector and a calibrated image today, adding this feature means that no one will get the best image that Blu-ray can deliver from this player.

Until Pioneer can update the firmware to provide a way to disable this edge enhancement, I would have to suggest you look for another player in this price range that doesn’t suffer from the image flaws. The rest of the player might be good enough, and the Netflix support was very nice indeed, but the image quality just isn’t up to par for today’s standards.