Blu-ray Players

Panasonic BD-60 Blu-ray Player


On the Bench

Measurements were taken with our Tektronix Oscilloscope from the component analog video outputs at 1080i resolution. The BD60 didn't exhibit any problems with Y/C delay and measured a white level at a perfect 100 IRE. The BD60 passes below black and also passed our pixel cropping tests. The BD60 was measured to have a near ruler flat frequency response curve which translates into it displaying superb picture quality.
In our HD section of the benchmark the Panasonic exhibited only a few hangups. Although, the BD60 failed our tests for proper 1080i/p conversion as artifacting was witnessed on some material it did pass our test for banding. Since the BD60 doesn't employ any advanced noise reduction techniques it got a failing score on our noise reduction tests. On the upside, the BD60 had very good diagonal filtering and passed all of our "jaggies" tests and also was able to display the full 1920x1080 image without cropping any pixels.

Standard DVD Performance

The Panasonic BD60 has very good standard DVD performance with the exception of a couple minor hangups.

In our standard DVD deinterlacing tests the BD60, connected via HDMI, sailed through all of our film based deinterlacing tests. Using component video connections some minor flaws were present as the player failed our bad edit test and our 3-2 cadence video flags test.

On video based material the BD60 is motion adaptive but fails our 2-2 cadence test and also has difficulty recovering back and forth between film and video.

On the usability portion of the benchmark the BD60 had good overall response and clocked in at a little over a second for a layer change, which gives it a borderline score on our test.