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LG BP730 Blu-ray Player


The LG BP730 Blu-ray Player On The Bench

Overall the LG BP730 does fairly well on the Blu-ray Benchmark, but there are a couple of exceptions. The largest issue, by far, is that edge enhancement is enabled by default. Watching the Ships scene on Spears & Munsil to look for jaggies, the presence of haloing around the ships cables is clear to see. Using a Custom mode and reducing the Sharpness to -3 removes this, but it should not be enabled by default.

On that same Ships video, the anti-aliasing of the BP730 wasn't up to the level of better Blu-ray players with the cables. It did OK with the side of the ship but much worse with thinner, angled lines. Both of these issues were ones that I didn't notice initially, but after testing I could not stop seeing them in real content.

For a higher end player like the BP730, I also like to see a Source Direct mode, and support for all colorspaces. For most of the testing for Blu-ray and DVD it does well, but those two issues that are present are pretty large.

On our loading tests, the BP730 is among the quicker players this year. It is fast to load basic and complex discs. The Toy Story 3 score suffers a bit from the lack of a dedicated Menu button on the remote. It loads a bit quicker than indicated, but since it takes longer to bypass the trailers with the Magic Remote the score suffers.

Colorspace performance is not evaluated, as I no longer have access to the QD 882 HDMI Analyzer.