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LG BD670 3D Blu-ray Player


The LG BD670 3D Blu-ray Player In Use

The standard list of LG apps are available here including, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and a bunch more. The LG uses an updated interface for Netflix which allows you to search for titles that aren’t currently in your queue. This is very handy and is something that should have always been available with Netflix devices. It’s the same interface LG has used for its home theater systems like the LHB 336 and its HDTV’s and I can’t really complain with that. It is nice looking and fairly snappy and smooth, especially on the BD670.

During my review period with the BD670, the player was relatively quick and responsive. Power on to tray opening didn’t have me waiting impatiently, nor did the disc load times. Anxious to check out the 3D features, I first tossed in the IMAX Under the Sea disc. Now one thing I found a bit perplexing with the LG combo was that I was still required to hit the OK button on the TV remote a couple times to engage 3D mode and close the warning message (generic warning to stop watching if dizzy or headache, yea like a little dizziness is going to keep me from watching 3D). It seems to me that an LG branded Blu-ray player and 3D TV should auto enable 3D when available. I’d rather have the option to later disable if I so choose, thus saving the time 99% of the time when you put in a 3D disc and intend to watch 3D material. After engaging 3D mode, the picture quality was excellent. The BD670 was more than capable of outputting a beautiful 1080p 3D image. I checked out The Dark Knight on Blu-ray in order to test 2D image quality. The opening bank robbery scene that was filmed in 70mm looked absolutely breathtaking on the calibrated LG PZ550 that I was also testing.