Blu-ray Players

Cambridge Azur 650BD Universal Blu-ray Player



The Azur 650BD represents a very good solution for those wanting to add a universal player to their Cambridge Audio systems or anyone looking for a responsive and capable Blu-ray player. Video performance is on par with any player I’ve seen and audio performance is excellent as well.

I found the player easy to install and configure. Aside from the non-backlit remote, there weren’t any glaring issues regarding ergonomics or performance. I enjoyed the simple and elegant styling of the Azur 650BD and it would make any gear rack look good. The fact that it plays every shiny disc sets it apart from nearly every other player out there. Only a very few support both SACD and DVD-A; and most of them cost far more. The Azur 650BD has few shortcomings and very high performance. Highly recommended.