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Buying Your First HiFi

I want to show you a no-snake-oil approach to building an affordable, good sounding hi-fi system. When I was 16, I built the system shown below, with parts I bought off eBay and Audiogon. It cost less than $1000, but sounded better than anything you could...

Little Things: Go with the flow

Little Things: Go with the flow

Let me start with a disclaimer: In no way is this meant to be an all-encompasing primer on the electrical properties of copper, nor to compare super-cable “X” to super-cable “Y”. To me, one of the quickest and biggest audio “bangs for the buck” is upgrading the wire connecting...

Little Things: Arcam Music Boost for the iPhone 6

In less than 10 years the average person has had the ability to move their physical music library from CDs, tapes and records to music files carried in their shirt pockets. Unfortunately, the iPhone was never really designed for audiophilia and though the built-in DAC is good, it is not the very best for serious music lovers. Enter Arcam’s Music Boost.