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Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality technology doesn't need to cost a fortune. We create remarkable hardware, software, and internet services for and with the help of our Mi fans. We incorporate their feedback into our product range...



We are digital pioneers. We believe in an easier way to connect… with your favorite entertainment, your smart devices, each other and with us. A leading global company born from the internet, LeEco seamlessly blends devices, content, applications and distribution...


BiasLighting is part of Scenic Labs, LLC, publisher of some of the world's leading video optimisation products -- including Knowhow Picture...


JWM Acoustics Designs

JWM ACOUSTICS is a custom audio company catering to the individual needs of the client. Each product is handmade and as unique as the person who chooses it. JWM is pleased to create one of a kind pieces that will enhance the life of each person who experiences it.

Tubes 4 Hifi

Tubes 4 HiFi is also known as Vacuum Tube Audio. Our best known product is the VTA ST70 PCB modification for the Dynaco ST-70 amplifier, that first appeared in a Glass Audio...

Mass Fidelity

Mass Fidelity

Mass Fidelity is an audio technology company focused on the future of sound. We develop beautifully designed and inventive audio products that free customers to enjoy their music, however and wherever they want it...


Cary Audio

Cary Audio was founded in 1989 with a firm commitment to producing the very highest quality two-channel vacuum tube equipment, and we continue to innovate and lead the industry in this market sector.

Tekton Design

Tekton Design

I created Tekton Design 11 years ago to showcase my loudspeaker designs. You need to know that first and foremost, my passion is loudspeaker design and new product development. I’m driven to innovate and create. I’ve been at this passionately for over 30 years...