Audio Cables

WireWorld Gold Starlight 6 Digital Interconnects, Eclipse 6 Interconnects, Platinum Eclipse 6 Interconnects, and Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables


The Design

The Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables have 12 conductors (6 per leg) of Ohno Continuous Cast Copper, for a total of 10 gauge 4.6mm2 of end surface area conduction on each leg. HDPE is the dielectric (High Density Poly-Ethylene). The conductors are small strips laid out side-by-side- alternating the + and - legs, as shown in the diagram below. WireWorld calls this the Diagonal DNA Design. By having the flat strips against each other, this minimizes the electromagnetic field reactive impedance. Each strip consists of round strands of wire laid side by side. The Diagonal DNA Design applies only to the speaker cables, while the technology in the interconnects is called DNA Helix.


The Platinum Eclipse Interconnects (shown in the photo at the beginning of this article) also use the DNA Helix conductor design, which are OHNO Continuous Cast Solid Silver, with a Composilex dielectric and Silver Tube Carbon RCA Connectors that have silver-clad oxygen-free contacts. Compsilex reduces certain types of electrical noise. These are WireWorld's top-of-the-line interconnects. They come packed in a metal box with latches like a briefcase, as well as a Certification of Authenticity. Of course, this is part of the "presentation" that goes with such cables. The box would be useful, however, for storing documents.

Shown below are the Eclipse 6 Speaker Cables.


This photo illustrates the Gold Starlight 6 Digital Interconnect next to the Eclipse 6 Interconnect. Besides the slip-over tube label, you can distinguish the digital coax by the single red stripe on the cable jacket.