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Synergistic Research Tesla Series AC Power Conditioner and AC Power Cables


Introduction to the Synergistic Research Tesla Series AC Power Conditioner and Power Cables

Moving can really suck. On top of everything else, it seems like I always lose stuff, at least temporarily. Eventually, that lost pair of shoes will turn up in a box labeled "towels," but it had been a few months since the move and I was still looking for some of the magic of my system. Before I moved, I had been enjoying my system immensely—the balance of high resolution and ease of listening was finally there. With no clear idea of what went wrong, I figured perhaps the AC power in my "new" built-in-1912 apartment building might have something to do with it. After a few hours of research, I sent an inquiry email to Synergistic Research. Later that day, I received an email asking me to call Ted Denney, lead designer and owner of Synergistic Research. The next day, Ted and I spoke for about half an hour. I told him about my equipment and my system's recent lapse into mediocrity. Since Synergistic is located just south of Los Angeles, he offered to bring me some of his creations. I was hesitant. I had avoided cable reviews because I find them annoying reads. Sensing my hesitation, Ted guaranteed his products would make my system surpass whatever magic I previously heard. Bold claim. Okay smart guy, bring your gizmos.


  • Tesla PowerCell 4 ($1250)
  • Tesla SE T3 SE Active Power Cord ($900/5ft)
  • Tesla SE T2 Active Power Cord ($650/5ft)
  • Tesla Quantum Line Strip ($499/nine outlet, $399/six outlet)
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