Audio Cables

Argentum Audio Cables: The Mythos Analog Interconnect, Argento Digital Interconnect, Aureus Speaker Cable, and Proteus Power Cable


In Use

I auditioned Argentum by systematically replacing the Nordost Odin in my system. Since I had enough Argentum Proteus-12 power cables to replace all my power cables except the two on my amps, which use special 20 amp connectors, I started there.

With Argentum Proteus-12 powering my Nordost QB8, PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport, and Theta Gen. VIII Series 2 DAC/preamp, the presentation was quite engaging. While I still heard much of the air around instruments that I was accustomed to hearing, the piano and winds near the start of Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances lacked some of the resonance I usually hear.

Then I changed the 1.5meter XLR interconnect between the Theta Gen. VIII Series 2 DAC/preamp and the VTL monoblocks from Nordost Odin to Argentum Mythos. I immediately noted a loss of richness and color. Timpani strokes were a bit blurred, because the bass response was not as fast and crisp. The sound was somewhat more pedestrian and ordinary, lacking some of the illumination that makes me love my system as much as I do.

I took copious notes on what happened with each subsequent cable change. I even changed one speaker cable at a time, switching between left and right channels on a recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto that features the violin front and center, in order to get a handle on the sound of Argentum Aureus speaker cable. I also played a large range of music, including some world, new age, and rock.

But why belabor the point? Anyone who has read this far knows where I'm going. Argentum's line was designed with very different goals in mind than Nordost Odin. Argentum does exactly what it's designed to do. For some systems, it will prove ideal.