Audio Cables

Argentum Audio Cables: The Mythos Analog Interconnect, Argento Digital Interconnect, Aureus Speaker Cable, and Proteus Power Cable



All Argentum interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables are made from cryogenically treated 99.99997% (four 9) Ultra Pure – Ohno Continuous Cast (UP-OCC) copper. The company maintains that silver has a higher total impedance than copper, and is thus less suited for most audio applications.The exception is silver's use in Argentum's high frequency digital datalinks. Silver is chosen because silver oxide, which forms on the outside of cabling when exposed to air, is more conductive to the megahertz-range digital signals that pass through or along the very outside of the conductor than the copper oxide that forms on the outside of copper cabling when it is exposed to air. (Obviously, Argentum is acknowledging that it cannot prevent oxidation in its cabling). This is all explained in a Technical White Paper downloadable from the Argentum website.

"Every bit of insulation, every cable forming member, every outer jacket and dielectric of Argentum cables and proprietary connectors is made from materials like Teflon and Teflon-variant fluoropolymers," the company writes. "These are chosen for their low dielectric constants.

"In order to achieve optimal inductance and capacitance, Argentum speaker cables use multiple primary conductors of varying diameters formed into arrays of secondary conductors arranged in an alternating pattern over a single large diameter core. According to the white paper, "this multiple-shielded 'best of both worlds' solution reduces both self- and mutual inductance, allowing very low effective resistance, and providing perfect time alignment for signal information."

All cables are hand-terminated. Audio interconnects come in RCA, XLR, and BNC terminations; video interconnects are either RCA or BNC. Connectors are non-magnetic and of minimal conducting mass, and include direct 24K gold plated contacts. Speaker cables are terminated with interchangeable 8.0mm billet-cut spade lugs made from CDA alloy 101 (99.994% pure) copper, and are direct gold plated. Deltron-style banana plugs are also available.

The Argentum Proteus-12 power cord is a 12-gauge (AWG) counter-spiral wound, multi-gauge, multi-core design with 6N UP-OCC copper and UL approved low-dielectric constant insulation and jacketing. It is double shielded and double grounded for noise-free operation, and terminated with Furutech™ Alpha Pure Copper™ AC plugs and IEC connectors featuring Argentum's own proprietary precision-machined metal shells.

This is not the place to get into a discussion of why 1, 2, or 4 meters of power cabling can make a major difference in sound quality. I have my experience, and you have yours. For Argentum's explanation, please download their white paper from their website.

Most important is the specific use for which Argentum cabling was designed. This is not just another cable designed to a specific price point.