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XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro Room Acoustics Analyzer Kit


Conclusions about the XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro

If you have more than a passing interest into acoustics, the XTZ Room Analyzer is a terrific gateway drug to get started learning: it including everything you need to get underway easily and is powerful enough to keep you busy for hours exploring the effect acoustics and proper set-up can have in achieving the most out of your equipment and your room. While one could put together all of these components individually, and use free software such as RoomEQ Wizard, having a complete, ready to go package represents an easy and cost effective way to get up and running quickly. Both Tyler and I have concerns about the documentation, which is sparse at best, and confusing at worst (creating a separate manual for the basic and pro versions would be a terrific first step in making things easier to understand). While the process of working your way through the software is one way to learn, a less frustrating one may come from a better manual, or the implementation of wizards to effectively guide you through the process. We'd also love to see some sort of digital audio option that would ease use in multi-channel systems significantly. Finally, while we were told that the included microphone is accurate to within +/-1 dB across the entire frequency band with a generic calibration file, we would like a see a fully calibrated microphone included for this price. These, however, are minor quibbles - for those interested in moving beyond auto-calibration and learning about acoustics, the XTZ Room Analyzer is a great way to start!