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Founded in 1971, Faroudja has been advancing the art and science of video processing for more than thirty years. The company has received over sixty-five patents and three Emmy awards as evidence of its pioneering efforts in creating unrivaled Video Technologies. Today, as a division of Genesis Microchip (Nasdaq: GNSS), Faroudja is the recognized leader in innovative, high-performance video processing technologies for markets requiring superior image quality solutions.

The company leverages its patented technologies to develop, manufacture and sell a broad portfolio of products catering to the Home Theater, Broadcast and Industrial markets. This portfolio includes Video Processors that produce cinema-quality images for large screen applications such as home theaters; Plasma Packages that combine optimized plasma panels with high performance digital video processors to deliver simple installation solutions with superb image quality; Projector Packages and DLP Projectors that offer high performance, digital theater projection systems for business and home theater applications - all sold through authorized Home Theater dealers and installers.